Good news – WSP Natlikan can now cover more than 100 countries. During the first part of 2019 we have been busy extending our global coverage of our monitoring services for Environmental and Health & Safety legislation. Check out our […]

We know that the society of the future will look different, but sometimes it is difficult to grasp which changes and challenges will have the greatest impact on your compliance work. WSP Natlikan helps you stay ahead and become Future […]

In the open global economy of today, our clients are dependent on suppliers to sustain their operations. Regardless of having ownership of the supply chain or not, everyone needs transparency and an easy overview of their supply chain. With the […]

Good news! From the turn of the year 2018/19, WSP Natlikan’s international customers will have their Compliance Registers updated on a monthly basis, instead of today’s updates once or twice per year (applies to all countries except Sweden). Once a […]

With our digital platform and large network of international environmental consultants and lawyers, we can offer you a monitoring trip around the world. During 2018 WSP Natlikan has expanded the coverage from about 40 countries to over 70 countries on […]

When I was 18 and was an exchange student in Colorado we read the book Animal Farm, and one of the characters is the horse. The motto of the horse is I will work harder, but regardless of how hard […]

What do you know about compliance legislation in the Czech Republic? A Country Profile from Natlikan can help you solve that problem. One of many problems dealing with compliance issues across the world is the difficulty to grasp all the […]

We have just seen 2017 pass away to the history books, but what does 2018 offer you from us at WSP Natlikan? Doing It Right Must Be Easy! Maybe you saw at the top of the first page the subheading […]