Improved services to our international customers

Good news! From the turn of the year 2018/19, WSP Natlikan’s international customers will have their Compliance Registers updated on a monthly basis, instead of today’s updates once or twice per year (applies to all countries except Sweden).

Once a year the international customers will also have an opportunity to a country webinar where they get a unique possibility to ask questions to WSP Natlikan’s international consultants who have created the Compliance Registers. Everything at no additional cost. Congratulations WSP Natlikans Customers!

WSP Natlikan is constantly working to improve and develop our services. Many of our customers have asked to have their Compliance Registers updated more often. They also wish to have access to those who created their registers as well as communicating with other users of our system. Through our new improvements we will now be able to satisfy these wishes.

This improved service will also provide a more even workflow for us at WSP Natlikan, tailored to the increased amount of large customers and the number of countries. Click here to find out what countries we are active in.

We wish all our customers a happy holiday season and a great start of the new year!
WSP Natlikan