Compliance Monitoring in over 70 countries around the world

With our digital platform and large network of international environmental consultants and lawyers, we can offer you a monitoring trip around the world. During 2018 WSP Natlikan has expanded the coverage from about 40 countries to over 70 countries on all continents.

We can provide you with ISO-compliant Compliance Registers for Environment (ISO 14001) and Health & Safety (ISO 45001) on a global basis. Regardless if you start in our home country Sweden, or travel across to the Caribbean, onwards to Canada through Asia and Russia, back to the rest of Europe, we can help you.

During the last 6 months we have also expanded our competence in the Middle East and can now offer you our services in countries like Oman, Jordan and Kuwait.

WSP Natlikan track a wide range of legal requirements, from working hours and vacation to chemical handling and PPE (personal protective equipment) in Uruguay as well as in Taiwan or India. Together with our international network we speak the national languages and have knowledge about the legal systems in all of our 70 countries.

Hence, almost no matter where in the world you need assistance, we can help you to comply with international, national and local regulations, to strengthen your sustainability work.

During the coming 6 months we look forward to continue our monitoring journey by adding countries like Trinidad Tobago, Libya and Sri Lanka to further strengthen our international coverage for you.

But first of all, have a great summer!!