International Compliance Services

From Algeria to Denmark – Germany to Oman – or maybe from Turkey to Venezuela

We cover more than 100 countries on all continents – where can we help you?

With our extensive Regulatory Compliance Services and our Global Network WSP Natlikan can serve you whatever your needs are. We track your Environmental and Health & Safety legislation for you, with a wide range of services from our digital platform.

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Services in English


A monthly monitoring with amendments and new legislation for Environment and Health & Safety incl EU Regulations.


  • Monthly e-mails per country for Environment and Health & Safety
  • Access to fulltext legislation (in native national language)
  • Unlimited number of users

This product is available in more than 100 countries.



The Register covers all the legislation you need to cover the legal requirements for your business. It is compliant with ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Health & Safety).

With our features for notes about How It Applies and How You Comply there is room for both text and links to internal guidance. Use the tags to mark legislation applicable to certain functions and the follow-up tool to identify new important changes that you need to act on. Monthly e-mails are sent out with the latest updates of your Compliance Register.

WSP Natlikan works together with you to secure the scope of your business so that you don’t miss any important legislation in your register. Registers in the Nordic countries are available in national language or in English. Registers from other countries are written in English.

Do-it-yourself registers

For the Nordic countries you can use our Do-it-yourself tool and create your own register in WSP Natlikans Platform.

Production of Compliance Registers

The WSP experts cooperates with you to develop Compliance Registers in the countries of your choice.


  • Online Web Compliance Register (do-it-yourself registers or registers developed by WSP)
  • Features for other requirements, tags and follow-up


  • Monthly e-mails with amendments and new legislation based on you register (i.e. Environment or Health & Safety)
  • Access to fulltext legislation (in national language)
  • Unlimited number of users

There are three different types of Audit Tools:

  1. Compliance Audit Tool – Secure that you are compliant to the requirements in you Register
  2. Management Audit Tool – Document and follow-up on your findings (non-conformances) from a physical audit
  3. Checklist Tool – Use a question based follow-up for the non experts


Not interested in an ISO Register?

We can help you cover a selected topic of your choice from our Global Coverage. This means you can for example get a monthly e-mail with all the changes from all the countries we cover for your topic (i.e. minimum wage, energy taxes, etc)


  • Monthly e-mails with amendments and new legislation based on you topic area (i.e. Environment or Health & Safety)
  • The follow-up feature for legislative changes
  • Access to fulltext legislation (in native national language)
  • Unlimited number of users

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