International Compliance Services

We track your Environmental and Health & Safety legislation for you, with a wide range of services from our digital platform.

  • Do you find it efficient to handle legislation in an excel document with hundreds of tabs?
  • Do you have time to learn 10 new languages to understand their legislative requirements?
  • Do you have difficulties to keep track of international legislation updates?
  • Do you lack the detailed knowledge of the take-back requirements for batteries in India?

Let us help you with your compliance issues?

Natlikan can source authoritative information from almost any country in the world. With our extensive regulatory compliance services and our global network we can serve you whatever your needs are.

Keeping track and having knowledge of Environmental and Health & Safety legislation is important for all companies. Natlikan offers a wide range of attractive tools and services from our digital platform.

  • Identify and filter which legislation that is applicable to your operations for Environment and Health & Safety
  • Structure your legal requirements with our popular Compliance Registers
  • Tag and sort your requirements on different responsibilities, operations or other aspects
Compliance Registers
  • Take advantage of our different tools and services in your follow up
  • Marked legislation from our monthly e-mails
  • Audit your Register with our Compliance Audit Tool
  • Connect your checklist to the legislation and follow up your compliance rate
  • Document your Audits with our Management Audit Tool where you can set risks for your findings
Compliance Audit Tool

Management Audit Tool
  • Get monthly e-mails with both amendments and proposed and new legislation
  • Mark important legislation for future follow ups and set your actions to be future ready for the new legal requirements.
  • Add or delete new countries and jurisdictions from our global monitoring of more than 40 countries on all continents
General Monitoring

International Selected Topics
  • Our Country Profiles presents an inspiring overview of the legal structure and the most important legislation in the country
  • A Compliance Guide will guide and train all your non-experts with what they need to know – a perfect match to your checklist
  • Our On the Ground Network can provide you with deeper knowledge and support for specific important issues such as permits, weee, rohs, etc
  • Why not host a corporate Legal Update Webinar to stay ahead or attend one of our general Legal Updates
Compliance Guides

Workshops & Training

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