WSP Natlikan Supply Chain

Natlikan Supply Chain is an easy to use, flexible, modular web tool from WSP Natlikans Digital Platform.

Sustain Your Supply Chain Today

It provides a clear overview of your supplier risks with dashboards where you efficiently can manage the process for self assessments and supplier audits.

  • Supplier Risk

    Risk assessment of supplier categories and individual suppliers

  • Supplier Self Assessment

    The tool includes a complete form with questions ready to use or tailor the tool with your own questionnaire.

  • Audit Module

    The audit module is focused on capturing the post audit process with documentation and storing corrective action plans.

  • Reports

    Easy to use aggregated reports for supplier status of the whole supplier population.

Web meeting

Take the opportunity for a personal webinar of Natlikan Supply Chain.

We will guide you through the main modules where you can see how you can work with both your risk analysis as well as manage your process for self assessments and supplier audits.

The tool is flexible so there are possibilites to both use the tool as it is off the shelf or we can discuss how we can adapt and tailor it to your needs.

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